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Programming Spaces:

Dining Hall (Chadar Ochel):

Located on the east side of the camp the dining hall at Camp Massad, equipped with a Kosher kitchen, has space to accommodate 170 people for all types of dining functions. The dining hall also doubles as a programming space and is a great place to hang out or have discussions. 


Camp Massad Gym (Oolam):

The Camp Massad gym is a multi purpose facility that has an open floor, along with a stage that can accommodate well over 100 people. This is the perfect space for indoor/rainy day activities, meetings, or any other function that you can think of. Attached on either side are two other programming spaces that are great for breakout sessions or other activities that require multiple spaces.


Heated Outdoor Pool:

This brand new pool, built in the summer of 2019, is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day. Camp Massad’s pool is open during the summer months, weather permitting, and is easily accessible to anyone who wishes to take a dip. The pool follows all of the MCA guidelines and requires a lifeguard to be present at all times.


Art Studio (Mitzudah):

Camp Massad’s art studio is equipped with all the essentials for any type of art project. Whether you are working with pipe cleaners or painting a masterpiece the art room is the perfect place to let your artistic ability show. The programming space next to the art room is a perfect place to have a show to display all of the artwork that was created during your stay.

Sports Facilities

Camp Massad's sports facilities are mostly located near each other for the ease of switching from sport to sport. The facilities include:

  • Basketball Court

  • Tennis Court

  • Volleyball Court

  • Soccer Field

  • Archery

  • Tether Ball

  • Camp Massad gym can be used for a variety of sports (eg. floor hockey, dodgeball etc.)

  • Canoe or kayak right on Lake Winnipeg

Other Amenities

Shower House:

The shower house, on the south side of the camp, is wheelchair accessible and has two separate sides that are able to accommodate 20 people each. Two washrooms and a large number of sinks are also located in the building.


Nature Trails/Clearings:

Camp Massad has two nature trails that each lead to a separate clearing that are perfect for camping, cookouts or a nature program. There is one long trail and one short trail for whatever experience you are looking for.

Fire Pit:

End your night by a fire at our beautifully designed fire pit, located on the north side of the camp. With seating to accommodate large groups of people this is the perfect place to relax, sing some songs and make marshmallows!



Camp Massad offers 16 cabins, all within minutes of each other, for all of your overnight needs! Checkout the map below.


Cabins #1-4 and #7-11 sleep 10 people and includes a separate room for a supervisor or counsellor to sleep.


Cabins #5, 6, 15 and 16 are equipped with 4 bunk beds and sleeps 8 people and includes two separate rooms for a supervisor or counsellor to sleep.


Cabin #12 is one of the larger cabins on the site that will easily accommodate 12 people.


Cabins #13 & #14 are side by side cabins that can accommodate 20 people each and has a large deck and screen room. This area is perfect for large groups that want to remain close together.

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