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Massad Member Criteria

If you are interested in being a Member of Camp Massad please read below; if you qualify please submit your request for membership to the secretary Paula at

Section 2 of the Camp Massad By-laws lays-out the requirements for Membership.


Subject to the articles, there shall be one class of Members in Massad.  Subject to  Sections 2.02 of the by-law, a member of Massad shall be the individual(s) meeting the following criteria:
(a) the individual has been a Director of Massad for at least two years.
(b) the individual has made a binding commitment to donate at least $900.00CAD over five years to Massad.  For greater certainty, an annual donation to Massad of at least $180 is required for each of the fives years unless the individual has, during the said five year period, already donated at least $900.00 to Massad; and
(c) subject to subject to subsection 2.02 (f) of this by-law, the individual is not a Director of Massad.

who have applied for and been accepted into membership in Massad by resolution of the Board.  The Board shall exercise their reasonable discretion in their decision to accept or reject an application for membership.  In accordance with Section 2.02(b) below, at no point shall the Board accept any further applications where there are 20 members.

(a) Each member shall be entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at all meetings of the Members of Massad;
(b) There shall be a maximum of 20 Members of Massad at any given time;
(c) After being accepted into membership by Massad pursuant to section 2.01 of this by-law, each member shall serve a term of five years.
(d) Provided that a Member has served an initial term of 5 five years pursuant to subparagraph (c), the said member may apply for and be accepted into membership in Massad by resolution of the Board for an additional term of two years at a time, provided that the individual has made a binding commitment to donate at least $180 to Massad for each year as a Member.  For greater certainty, an individual may apply an unlimited number of times pursuant to the terms of this subparagraph;
(e) A Member of Massad may not be a Director of Massad for the duration of their term of membership.

For more information on the Camp Massad of Manitoba By-laws please email the Director at

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